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Sioux Bear Clan Dance Staff
Clayton ThreeFeathers

Category: Dance Sticks
Item No: BCDS033-C3F

The life of the Plains Indian was full of danger and uncertainty. Reality of sickness, attacks by wild animals or hostile tribes made the Indian rely on the spirit world for protection. For the Sioux, the bear was second only to the Buffalo for his supernatural powers. The bear was revered for his strength, agility, vitality and his ability to find herbs for his wounds. This staff is created from an actual bear skull. Adorned with glass and metal beads, braided and twisted leather, trade cloth, decorated goose feathers, hand-beading, imitation bear claws, bear hide and an ermine skin signifying the owner of the staff holds high rank within the tribe. Tipped with a 14 inch hand-forged spear head. Approximate overall length is 49 inches. All Dance Sticks are custom made and signed by ThreeFeathers.
**Wild life laws differ from state to state. It will be your responsibility to check these laws before purchasing or bartering for this powerful piece**
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Price: $589.98

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