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Sioux Fox Dance Staff
Clayton ThreeFeathers

Category: Dance Sticks
Item No: FDS001-C3F

Because the Sioux, along with all Native Americans, believed in living in harmony with earth and the "Great Mystery", everything was honored in one way or another.....An Indian didn't feel that people owned the land, the sky and the water...They did believe and still do believe that everything is "shared"...Never taking the privileges for granted...The fox is just one of many living beings that "share" our earth...The fox is revered for it's stealth, cunning, adaptability and survival. These are a few reasons why we honor this being. Adorned with bead work, brass or nickel hawk bells, fringed leather, fox skull and jaw (decorated), glass and metal beads, trade cloth and crow beads. Approximate size: 18" x 42". All Dance Sticks are custom made and signed by ThreeFeathers.
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Price: $424.98

Fox color:
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