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Elk Dreamer Society Mandella
Shirley Dancing Fox

Category: Mandellas
Item No: M-207

This mandella honors the Elk Dreamer. Because the male elk will fight to his death to protect his mate and is loyal to his mate for life, the Plains Indians chose the elk as a symbol of love and power. An Elk Dreamer was a special individual, within the tribe, who saw elk in his visions and thereby obtained the power of elk medicine. If a young man had trouble finding a mate, if spouses were fighting, the Elk Dreamer was sought because he had the power to help. He held a high position within the tribe beause he also saw in his visions where the great herds of elk were roaming. This mandella is hand-painted on cream colored leather and laced to a frame wrapped in dark toned wool trade cloth. Adorned with glass and metal beads, simulated elk's tooth and various feathers. Approximately 15 x 36 inches.
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Price: $89.98

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