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Sioux Pipe Bag
Clayton ThreeFeathers

Category: Ceremonial Pipes
Item No: PBB501-C3F

The Pipe Bag was created to store the sacred pipe and the bags are always heavily adorned. The bag shown here has been created from gold-tanned deer hide. Decorated with a hand beaded slat and other traditional adornments such as: Glass and metal trade beads, simulated elk teeth, buffalo teeth, beaded rosettes, tile trade beads, chevron beads, coins, hand-carved Buffalo horn beads, scalp locks and leather braids and fringes. Overall length is approximately 41 inches.
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Please note: If you desire beading on both the front and back of the pipe bag, please contact ThreeFeathers by phone or e-mail to discuss the ordering procedure for this type bag. The cost of the double sided bag is $359.98
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With it's ties to each phase of life, and it's part in religion, the pipe naturally played a prominent role in the myths and legends of this Plains tribe.......
The Dakota (Sioux) tell of the gift of a sacred pipe from a supernatural being. In this story, two men were hunting. Far away they saw something white and shining coming toward them. They first thought it was a white buffalo calf. As it approached, they saw it change into a beautiful young girl dressed in white buckskin. She was carrying a highly decorated pipe. One of the men, his mind filled with awe and respect for the maiden, was given the pipe with instructions for it's use and care. The maiden then turned and walked away, finally changing into a white buffalo calf and disappearing over the horizon. The young man returned to the camp of his people and lived out his days greatly respected as the keeper of the sacred pipe. A pipe, closely guarded and cared for and said to be the original pipe, is still presented by one of the Dakota.........

Price: $269.98

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