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Sioux Beaded Possibles Bag
Clayton ThreeFeathers

Category: Artifacts
Item No: SPBB-C3F

During the white man's migration to the west, he introduced to the Indian many wondrous things - one of which was the "Mountain Man Possibles Bag". This bag was often bartered for pelts and hides. This bag contained a tobacco pouch and a clay pipe. The Indians soon made changes to the bag by adorning it with beaded rosettes and lazy stitch beading. Also, in place of the pipe they added a small knife called a patch cutter which was traded to the Indians as well....This bag and pouch is created from gold-tanned deer hide and adorned with lazy stitch beading, beaded rosette, metal and glass beads and brass spots. The 3 inch patch cutter knife is created from a white man's blade with an antler tip handle. The braiding at the tip of the pouch signifies the unity of the tribe.
**PLEASE NOTE: The small pouch at the top of the picture fits inside the bag. The bag in the center of the picture is a FRONT VIEW of the bag. The picture at the bottom is the REVERSE side of the bag so that you can see the 3 inch patch cutter knife. Signed by ThreeFeathers.
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