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Many Strand Choker
Shirley Dancing Fox

Category: Jewelry 4: Chokers
Item No: C-111-4

Going into battle...joining the hunt...taking part in the dance...the choker was an important piece of Native American attire. Used as portection against an enemy's sharp blade or in more peaceful surroundings it was a treasured adornment. This choker is created in much the same way that they have always been made. Bone or horn pipes, glass and metal beads, leather and adornments. Strung on strong artificial sinew. Soft leather ties allows you to adjust the length to fit neck sizes from 12 inches and up.

This choker is made with dark red horn pipes, black horn beads, bone beads, antique silver or brass beads, black leather spacers, end tabs and ties and features a two inch long carved bone bear claw.
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Price: $68.98

Metal bead color:
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