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War Hawk
Clayton ThreeFeathers

Category: Pipe Hawks/War Hawks
Item No: WHB63-C3F

History of Sioux Pipe Hawks and War Hawks:
As the white man wandered further west it became apparent that he would be staying. He would also be introducing the Indian to many new and wondrous things which would be traded for pelts, buffalo hides and other useful items. Items such as beads, gold and silver coins, trade cloth, forged iron and steel tools, implements and weapons. Among these items was a metal or cast iron wedge used to split kindling with the edge or pound nails with the back side. Soon a handle was added giving it a wider range of use as a tool and a weapon. These would be traded to the Indian as well. This was the beginning of the Tomahawk....
Eventually a bowl was forged and the handle hollowed so it could be smoked. Some Pipe Hawks were fitted with an octagon shaped bowl. These were small pieces of rifle barrels...
Generally, a Pipe hawk was used for personal ceremony, praying and mingling with the spirits but could also be used for killing.
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The War Hawk shown here features a hand forged iron head with weeping heart design. The approximately 24 inch long handcarved handle is adorned with loom beading, leather, brass tacks and stair step design at the base of the handle. Adornments such as glass, metal and sterling beads, steel arrowheads, horse hair and scalp locks, ostrich fluff and various other items decorate the handle. All Hawks are custom made and signed by ThreeFeathers.
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