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Sioux Pipe Bag
Clayton ThreeFeathers

Category: Ceremonial Pipes
Item No: PBP603-C3F

The Pipe Bag was created to store the sacred pipe and the bags are always heavily adorned. The bag shown here has been created from smoke-tanned deer hide. The PLAIN pipe bag will always be decoreded with traditional adornments such as: Glass and metal trade beads, simulated elk teeth, buffalo teeth, tile trade beads, chevron beads, coins, hand carved buffalo horn beads, scalp locks and leather braids and fringes but will NOT include a hand beaded slat. Since no two bags are ever made or decorated exactly alike, the adornments will vary. Overall length is approximately 41 inches including fringe. If you already own a pipe and are ordering a custom made pipe bag, it can be created to accommodate your pipe.
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Price: $195.98

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