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Prayer Feather
Clayton ThreeFeathers

Category: Artifacts
Item No: GHPF01-C3F

In the tradition of the mighty....SIOUX
Prayer Feathers are prepared by passing them through the smoke of burning sage several times. This cleanses the feather of bad spirits. Then, holding the feather, speak your wish or prayer to it. The Prayer Feather will absorb your wish or prayer only if it is sincere, doing no harm to another and being of good spirit. Upon completion of your prayer, traditionally, the Prayer Feather would then be hung from a tree so that the birds could see it. The birds, being the only creature able to see your prayer, will carry your message into the sky and sing it to the Great Spirit. Prayer Feathers remain an integral part of SIOUX life and are still used in the healing arts.......
The feather shown here is a hand painted GREAT HORNED OWL feather decorated with leather. Adornments may include brass or nickel hawk bells, hair pipes, glass or metal beads, stones or bones. The quill is always hand beaded. Bead patterns will vary.
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