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Brecciated Jasper Earrings
Shirley Dancing Fox

Category: Jewelry 2: Earrings
Item No: BREER-083

Brecciated Jasper (pronounced brehsh-ee-ay-ted) can be found at many locations around the world including India, Australia, Germany, the United States and Egypt. These unique stones have been called the stones of kings and shamans and many believe in their magic and healing powers. Brecciated Jasper comes in a wide range of colors from gray to dark red and brown mahogany and sometimes a combination of all those colors. For the earrings shown here, I chose stones in a rich, red mahogany color.

These 2 inch long earrings feature a variety of Brecciated Jasper stones which are accented with antique silver fluted beads.
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Price: $10.98

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