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Sioux Hildebrand Walking Stick
Clayton ThreeFeathers

Category: Walking Sticks
Item No: SHWS01-C3F

This piece was inspired by Mr. Steve Hildebrand. The stick is 42 inches in length and has approximately 36 inches of loom beading. Approximately 6 inches of Eastern Blacksnake skin adorns the top of this particular stick. The stick's head or table is hand carved from a piece of Ash then adorned with rock burns, brass tacks and leather. The bottom of this walking stick is covered with Elk rawhide, hand stitched with sinew and adorned with brass tack Native American design. On the reverse the beadwork is joined with oil tanned leather and hand stitched with sinew. The joining seams are then lined with antique brass tacks which are laced with 2mm round leather cord from top to bottom. And finally it is adorned with hand-painted Immature Bald Eagle feathers, glass trade baeds, brass and nickel beads, chevron, clay and wooden beads.
This is the introduction of the Sioux Hildebrand Walking Stick. As with all custom pieces, each creation is a collaboration between the person receiving the piece and ThreeFeathers.
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Price: $659.98

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