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Shirley Dancing Fox, whose great-great-grandmother was Lakota Sioux, lives on the banks of the Susquehanna where the Juniata and Susquehanna rivers meet. Clayton Three-Feathers, her son, lives a short distance away in historic Mechanicsburg. Each draws inspiration for their creations from their Lakota heritage and their beautiful surroundings. The North Camp is located in Northern Pennsylvania and each spring the land provides an abundance of creek willow which is cut, shaped, and dried for the making of dreamcatchers. Iron wood saplings are cut and aged for lances and walking sticks. During the spring and fall wild turkey hunting seasons, many hunters visit the camp and bring turkey feathers which are separated and dried for future use.




Each piece in this collection is hand made, hand painted and/or handbeaded, therefore, there maybe slight variations in shape, color or size. Shirley Dancing Fox enjoys making jewelry, dreamcatchers, mandellas and medicine bags. Clayton ThreeFeathers' beautiful loom beading adorns his walking sticks, lances, and pipehawks. He also creates rattles, possible bags and much more. Each item is signed or has a signed hang tag describing the purpose of the piece. Glass, bone, semiprecious stones, antique silver, pewter and brass beads, genuine leather products and trade cloth are used.


Shirley Dancing Fox and Clayton ThreeFeathers are proud of their Native American heritage and express this pride and their love of all things upon this earth in the beautiful pieces being offered here.

These creations, which start in our heads and our hearts and flow from our hands are influenced by the seasons, our surroundings and our inner self. It is our sincere hope that you will enjoy our creations as much as we have enjoyed creating them.

Shirley Dancing Fox
Clayton ThreeFeathers

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