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Comments: To all of you who have signed our guest book in the past and to all of you who would like to sign our guest book now....WE THANK YOU. Unfortunately, there are unscrupulous individuals who have targeted our guest book as the ideal place for them to display their advertisements. It is becoming a chore to keep the Spam deleted as numerous ads are posted each and every day. We would not want anyone visiting our web site or our guest book to think that we are associated with these people in any way or with the products that they are advertising on OUR site in our GUEST BOOK at our EXPENSE. Hopefully, in the near future there will be laws to protect all of us from this type of unwanted invansion. We have enjoyed reading your comments, answering your inquiries and having you share your thoughts with us. It is with deep regret that we are being forced to shut down the guest book. Again, our thanks and best wishes to you all. Walk in peace, SHIRLEY DANCING FOX and CLAYTON THREEFEATHERS

Date Added:Sun 02 Oct 2005 10:14:06 PM GMT GMT

Name: Winona Thomas/Enyard


Location: Omaha, Ne

Comments: I was just browsing and ran across your website. The music is nice!! 

Date Added:Fri 23 Sep 2005 03:19:29 AM GMT GMT

Name: Barb


Location: England

Comments: Great website will be visiting often

Date Added:Thu 22 Sep 2005 03:01:04 PM GMT GMT

Name: Blair Parker


Location: Florida

Comments: Love your site. I am sure that I will be visiting again to purchase some of your unique and beautiful creations.

Date Added:Wed 21 Sep 2005 10:46:47 PM GMT GMT

Name: govinda


Comments: this website is pretty cool!!!!!!!!!!!111

Date Added:Tue 13 Sep 2005 12:37:10 PM GMT GMT

Name: Elisi FiveHawks


Web Site:

Location: Green River, Wyoming

Comments: What talent you have! Wonderful website and it was an honor to visit here. Witsatologi, (Cherokee for many blessings) Elisi FiveHawks

Date Added:Tue 13 Sep 2005 07:20:55 AM GMT GMT

Name: Troy


Web Site: Troy

Location: USA

Comments: Nice web site I enjoyed reading. I wish you and your family the best of luck.

Date Added:Fri 09 Sep 2005 05:50:45 PM GMT GMT


Date Added:Wed 07 Sep 2005 08:48:29 AM GMT GMT

Name: Kolora


Web Site: Kolora

Location: USA

Comments: I have been recomending the site to some of the people I have met through work

Date Added:Tue 06 Sep 2005 09:30:15 PM GMT GMT

Name: spritewind


Web Site:

Location: Germany

Comments: thank you for Webpages, I lived almost 20 years in the US walk with the Guides of good Spirits (given name "Wolfdreamer)

Location: Howell MI

Comments: I would like to get information on several americana indian icons. Could you help me?

Date Added:Wed 27 Apr 2005 07:50:13 PM GMT GMT

Name: Andrea Shambo


Web Site: none

Location: Fort Belknap Indian Reservation in Montana

Comments: Nive website all about the native american pride!

Date Added:Wed 27 Apr 2005 05:45:03 PM GMT GMT

Name: Sharon Outchikat


Location: Churchill,Manitoba Canada

Comments: Love it! 

Date Added:Mon 25 Apr 2005 11:26:26 PM GMT GMT


Date Added:Mon 25 Apr 2005 03:00:55 PM GMT GMT

Name: 2hawks


Web Site: none

Location: pacific northwest

Comments: great stuff class act native pride

Date Added:Thu 21 Apr 2005 08:52:22 PM GMT GMT

Name: karl robertson


Location: coral springs, f

Comments: love your site. It represents your culture honestly

Date Added:Thu 21 Apr 2005 03:30:06 AM GMT GMT

Name: MarkM

Web Site:

Location: Halifax Nova Scotia Canada

Comments: Hi, I saw your links page running in the Surf4TheEarth traffic-exchange. A nice solection of on-topic links you have there. I have put a link to your links-page from -MarkM-

Date Added:Wed 20 Apr 2005 09:34:32 PM GMT GMT

Name: Jake Hilts


Location: Portland, Oregon

Comments: I really like the Native American art on this site. I also make some Native American art check it out. Thanks, Jake Hilts

Date Added:Wed 20 Apr 2005 03:52:10 AM GMT GMT

Name: Andrew Valdez(WindWalker)

Email: avaldez@flintco

Comments: I enjoy the website as I was looking for Native American art work on the Internet. Wado!!!!

Date Added:Tue 19 Apr 2005 06:23:49 PM GMT GMT


Date Added:Tue 19 Apr 2005 03:10:00 PM GMT GMT



Date Added:Tue 19 Apr 2005 10:41:11 AM GMT GMT

Name: bonnie bradley


Location: springfield, Mo.

Comments: You and your son do lovely work. I also have a question do either of you make a piece on request? What I would be looking for is small. Please contact me ,If you wish I could explane later. for give my spelling!

Date Added:Mon 18 Apr 2005 05:25:28 PM GMT GMT

Name: jeanne daugherty


Web Site: n/a

Location: dayon ohio

Date Added:Mon 18 Apr 2005 12:28:29 PM GMT GMT



Date Added:Sun 17 Apr 2005 10:32:05 AM GMT GMT

Name: julio 

Email: littlemebndezj

Date Added:Sat 16 Apr 2005 06:34:01 AM GMT GMT

Name: Samuel & Denise Harper

Web Site: none

Location: Shippensburg, PA

Comments: Just found your site. We are having a family celabration in August 2005. Would like to get directions to your place of business. I know my family would appreicate the workmanship,

Date Added:Fri 15 Apr 2005 04:23:30 PM GMT GMT

Name: Anna


Web Site:

Location: USA

Comments: Good site! welcome to my page air berlin !

Date Added:Wed 13 Apr 2005 09:34:28 AM GMT GMT

Name: Charles Perdue


Location: Butte Falls, Or.

Comments: Your site is extremely good and I enjoyed it very much.

Date Added:Sat 09 Apr 2005 03:39:13 PM GMT GMT

Name: Andy Hill


Location: Cincinnati, OH

Comments: Beautiful work!

Date Added:Fri 08 Apr 2005 03:17:43 AM GMT GMT


Date Added:Thu 07 Apr 2005 08:56:52 AM GMT GMT

Name: Miranda Meacham


Location: Woodsboro, Texas

Date Added:Tue 05 Apr 2005 08:41:45 PM GMT GMT

Name: cathy 


Comments: I loved your web site. My son is half Chippewa and I've decorated our home with many indian artifacts and collectables. Finding this web site has made shopping fun!!!!

Date Added:Sat 02 Apr 2005 04:46:18 AM GMT GMT

Name: Lottie

Location: TEXAS

Comments: When I want to kick off my boots and relax I click on your site which is at the top of my favorites list. I see there are lots of new items which I never saw before and you know what that means !!!! You will be gettin an order from me real soon. I love you people and I love this site.

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