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Medicine Wheel

Medicine Wheel


History of the Medicine Wheel: 
The Sioux Medicine Wheel or Sacred Hoop is a highly revered symbol of Lakota society, a reflection of the importance of the circle in the entire Lakota culture. The hoop is seen as a sphere of energy signifying that which is universal and eternal. Representing the whole world and universe, it is a symbol of power without limit or end. It encompasses all creation in relationship with Wakan Tanka, The Great Mystery. During every ceremony the participants within the sacred circle are united with a spiritual power which gives them a special awareness of all creation. Then, in harmony, they become one with all creatures, all living things and all people..... 
The arms of the Medicine Wheel represents the Red Road (the path of doing good) and it's opposite the Black Road. The middle is the space where the two roads interconnect. That is "the place where you stand" the center from which one must choose, at each moment, which path to step onto next.... 
In the center bloomed a Holy Stick - that was a tree and where it stood there crossed two roads, a Red one and a Black one. "From which direction the giant lives (the north) to where you always face (the south) the Red goes which is the road of good". The Grandfather said, "and on it shall your Nation walk. The Black road goes from where the Thunder Beings live (the west) to where the sun continually shines (the east) a fearful road, a road of troubles and of war. On this also you shall walk and from it you shall have the power to destroy a people's foes. In four months you shall walk the earth with power.....These are the words of Black Elk. 

The Medicine Wheel shown here is approximately 4 inches x 7 inches and made with leather and various adornments and three hand painted feathers.


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